Gerry Sauvé

Sunday services at 10:30 AM, Tuesday prayer meetings at 7 PM.

Gerry Sauvé


I grew up in a very religious home. The Church was always a big part of our lives. I attended regularly but never felt closeness to God. I saw Him as a vengeful, punishing God, whose standards I could never meet. When I became a teenager, through a meeting at school, I was introduced to the gospel as I had never heard it before.

I understood for the first time that the reason I felt sinful was actually the work of the Holy Spirit in my heart convicting me and showing me that Jesus Christ had died for my sins and He was waiting to set me free. As I read the Bible, I came to understand that God wanted me to repent (to acknowledge that I was a sinner) and to place my trust in Christ alone for my salvation. That was a difficult step since I grew up thinking that the way to heaven was through good works and good behavior. Time had proven to me that I could do neither.

So one night I knelt by my bed and admitted to God that I was exactly what He said I was – a sinner (Romans 3:23). And I placed my trust in the finished work of Christ at the Cross for the forgiveness of my sins. He assured me of His forgiveness and that night, in faithfulness to His Word, He gave me eternal life (Romans 10:9-13). It was the greatest gift I have ever received.

And now it’s my desire to share that with others so that they also might know His forgiveness and have the joy of everlasting life.